90 Day Diaries: Ukraine

Hear from 90 Day Fiance cast members that have been affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They share how they and their loved ones are coping with the consequences of the war and react to world events. Mixed at Pomann Sound NYC

The Net Will Appear

Sound Design / Mix. The Net Will Appear features Emmy-nominated Richard Masur and HBO/Station Eleven’s Matilda Lawler. Two rooftops in suburban Ohio. A 75-year-old man and a 9-year-old girl sit on houses full of secrets. Literally. Bernard wants nothing more than to enjoy his beer (and perhaps kill a few sparrows), but Rory next door has …

Before Your Eyes

As she takes her dying breaths, Jamie is surrounded by her family, and is introduced to her new great grandson, Lucas. In a flash, she rewinds to when she met another boy named Lucas, the love of her life, and she joins him now one last trip.
The Lovely Dark Podcast