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Come Find Me

Sound Design / Mix. Audie Award Drama of The Year Finalist, 2020. Ilda talks to people who aren’t there. Tilly hears fingers clawing at her door. All the while, the moon keeps her watchful eyes on them. Come Find Me is a time-hopping, feminist ghost story spanning two time periods. As it weaves its way …


Sound Design / Mix. Ben is having a difficult week. After five whole years of “drinking from Mommy’s boobies”, he suddenly has to step aside for his new baby sister, Beatrice, who may or may not be human. Mommy says he has to “support her appearance no matter how humiliating it is for us as …

Skin Hungry

Sound Design / Mix. Ruth is a 74-year old woman. Rowan is a 23-year-old man. They’re in love. And Ruth’s 43-year-old son is freaking the hell out.Skin Hungry is an age-gap romantic comedy play with some darker themes hiding just beneath the skin.