42 min runtime: Mix for TV Broadcast


69 min run time: Sound Supervisor / Theatrical Mix / Sound Design
89 min runtime: Sound Supervisor / Sound Design

Audio Dramas

· The World of Erin Mallon
Fully sound design from top to bottom, these incredibly cast, beautifully paced, hours-long productions are equally hilarious and touching, from the mind of author Erin Mallon.

The Net Will Appear

Sound Design / Mix. The Net Will Appear features Emmy-nominated Richard Masur and HBO/Station Eleven’s Matilda …

· The Lovely Dark Podcast
An anthology series of short, original audio plays about where in troubled times we go for love and light.

The Change
Lily’s baby is acting so weird. Eventually, she can’t even …
Learning to Swim
Amar is thrilled to be taking his wife Neeta to …
Just Beyond
Nathan dreams of becoming a great artist, and now his …
Before Your Eyes
As she takes her dying breaths, Jamie is surrounded by …